Choose your distance, choose your location, choose your charity, and make every step or stair count!

Take on TrekFest with a difference, and set yourself a challenge closer to home!


Our ultimate UK trekking challenge now has a virtual option – so you can take on the challenge from your own home, while sticking to social distancing guidelines!

If you prefer to stay indoors, then you can take on the elevation challenge – conquer the total elevation of either the 25KM or the 50KM route.

Want to take on the challenge in your garden or local area? The distance challenge is for you – we’ve calculated the average number of steps taken on both routes. Just ensure you stay 2m away from others at all times.

Show us what you choose by using #MyTrekFest!


3,120 stairs* / 260 flights of stairs**


32,808 steps


3,895 stairs* / 325 flights of stairs**


65,616 steps

*Based on the average UK stair height of 200mm

**Based on a flight of stairs containing 12 steps

Why take part?


Set yourself a challenge

Keep yourself motivated while staying safe, and set yourself a challenge that will push your boundaries. 25KM or 50KM, elevation or distance, the choice is yours!

Support your charity

Why not set up an online donation page and raise funds for the charity of your choice? Let your friends and family know that you’re taking part and ask for their support.

Free TrekFest Neck Tube

If you’re already signed up on TrekFest 2020, or you sign up after taking part in the virtual challenge, you’ll get a free TrekFest neck tube at Event Registration!

How to Get Involved

Step 1

Choose your distance, and choose how you want to conquer it – elevation or distance, the choice is yours! If you’re supporting a charity, now’s the time to set up your donation page. Don’t forget to let us know you’re taking part by using #MyTrekFest!


Step 2

This is it! Set up your fitness tracker and get your challenge underway. There are no time limits – complete the challenge in the best time you can.


Step 3

Take a screenshot of your achievement and post it on social media, using #MyTrekFest or tagging us @GlobalAdventureChallenges on Facebook – and that’s it!


Step 4

We’ll add you to our Virtual Leaderboard, and if you’re joining us at TrekFest 2020 we’ll have a neck tube waiting for you when you arrive! We’ll also send you a virtual certificate of completion.

The Virtual Leaderboard

We know this challenge is tough – and we wouldn’t ask you to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves. With that in mind, the first to take on #MyTrekFest were Global Adventure Challenges Company Director, Matt Rushton, and Head of Client Accounts, Rich Lupton! Can you beat their times, or will you set a new record for the 50KM?

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Top Tips from Team GAC

Matt, Company Director:

  1. Pace yourself! For the first 100 I did 20 running, 20 walking, but then the next 100 it dropped to 7 and 13 at best, but I managed to pick it up again a bit for the last 60.
  2. The total time you submit should include any rest stops – my time included all little stops for water, etc. 

Rich, Head of Client Accounts:

  1. I found that counting down was more encouraging than counting the number I had done so 130, 129, 128, 127, 126 etc rather than 1, 2, 3, 4. When I got to the final 20 it felt awesome to know it was soon going to be over.
  2. If you’re going to do it in one go, don’t underestimate it. It’s really tough!!
  3. I did it on the steps leading down to a cycle path close to my house and the fresh air, plus the encouragement of dog walkers (at a safe social distance) really helped 🙂

Join us in person!

TrekFest – The Beacons 2021 takes place on Saturday 18 September, and we’d love to see you there! Just click the link below to register your interest.

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